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As technology continues a pace and customers’ needs evolve, one of the biggest challenges today facing organisations is the need to innovate and grow.

At aha innovation we enable people and organisations to meet this challenge through developing their capability in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, so that they can create and own their future.

Are All Entrepreneurs Innovators?

My intuitive response to the question, would be ‘no’; not all entrepreneurs are innovators, and…

The aha moment – a physical event in the brain

We actually feel an insight or an idea and we can see them in the…

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Innovation Capability Development

Working with Organisations to develop in-house innovation capability through bespoke coaching and training programmes.


Mentoring Start-Ups

Consulting and mentoring Start-Ups, enabling them to find their purpose, explore their value proposition & grow their future.


Creative Facilitation

Facilitating groups and teams to unlock issues and explore potential opportunities through creative tools & thinking techniques.